OneLife Organic – Hand-picked for the millennials

OneLife Organic is an organic food company started by Big Internet Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd; a company based in Bangalore, India. Conceptualized on the idea of living a healthier wholesome life, OneLife Organic strives to bring the best and healthy natural produce to your dining table at an affordable cost. Our organization believes in the saying “food is medicine” and going organic is the way to health and wellness. Our mission is to make hand-picked ethical food easily accessible for the busy millennials, that is produced with respect for people, environment, and animals and to create a sense of purpose that is larger, cleaner and greener.

Food for thought

You Only Live Once – Live it healthy and happy! Join with us to create a sustainable livelihood.

From the farm to your home – Give it back to the Mother Earth sensibly.

Our Certifications

We are a certified organic food company and our products & processing units are certified by India Organic (NPOP) and USDA (NOP). We adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with respect to food hygiene and are also certified by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).

FSSAI LICENSE No: 21219197000880

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