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Why is Sprouted Ragi The Best First Food For Babies?

Why is Sprouted Ragi The Best First Food For Babies?

Are you a new mom pondering over your baby’s food and worried about what first food to offer along with breast milk to your precious child? Sprouted ragi or finger millet is your best bet. Ragi is considered second best to mother’s milk in terms of nutritional value. By sprouting the ragi grains, we transform a dormant seed into a live plant. In this process of germination, the newly emerging sprout takes in the grain’s starches, thereby making it more healthy and nutritious.
Why is Sprouted Ragi The Best First Food For Babies?

Why Sprouted Ragi is more nutritious?

It is loaded with 20% additional calcium after sprouting. What best your growing baby’s bones require? Also, the iron content in Ragi turns 10 times higher after sprouting. That’s fantastic calcium, iron combo for your loved one. Adding to this amazing nutrient value, the highlight is that sprouted ragi acts soft on your baby’s tummy thereby making digestion smoother.

Regular intake of sprouted ragi is also known to boost immunity in babies. A breakfast of ragi porridge is an ideal power booster breakfast for kids. Sprouted Ragi contains an amino acid known as Tryptophan, which highly contributes to its laxative effects and can be fed for dinner too. This promises the baby a good night’s sleep as it keeps their tummy full for a longer time. Your dream of uninterrupted sound sleep of your baby is not a dream anymore. Yes, you can realize it just with a few spoons of sprouted ragi.

The protein levels increase just by another half at the end of sprouting. Therefore Sprouted Ragi can help meet the daily requirements of proteins making your growing baby stronger, add weight and preventing fatigue. Ragi is low in fat and acts as a natural body coolant. Sprouting ragi increases the Vitamin C levels in it which in turn helps in easier absorption of iron. The amino acid methionine present in ragi helps promote healthy skin and hair in your baby.

No other cereal can even compete with the type of health benefits that this superfood offers. But soaking, sprouting, drying and grinding it to fine flour is a strenuous task and not many have the luxury of time. Keeping in mind the bunch of goodness that this healthy millet can provide, Onelife Organic has come up with 100% organic sprouted ragi powder-free from sugar, salt, chemicals, and preservatives directly from our store. This is doubtlessly a must-have food, not just for the babies but for the grownups as well.

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